Whether you’re an individual or a business, you influence people around you, you are a leader.

  • Learn, contribute and grow as people.

  • Gain actionable insights.

  • Be purpose-driven.

  • Lead with clarity and passion.

  • Build a brand that people will love.

BrandHerds is the only community dedicated
to helping people become leaders with
purpose in a people-centric world.

All brands have a cause, though is it compelling enough to adopt?

  • Do you have to push yourself rather be pulled to your goal?
  • You feel they just don’t get you?
  • You have ideas but not sure how they fit to your offering?
  • You’re doing a lot and not making progress?
  • You have a disengaged team?
  • Business is becoming repetitive.

If this sounds familiar we’d like for you to lean into the podcast. Collectively we aim to address these conflicts and dive deep into many common hurdles we all face today.


This podcast is for you!

Ambitious and passionate about how we can help others.
Seeing the world through the lens of opportunity.
Making progress is more important than being successful.
A purpose that motivates us as we drive for fulfilment.
Enjoy being around like-minded people.
A place of selflessness. A place to grow as people.
Building an emotionally connected brand people will love.
To lead from within, influence your community.
Stay accountable.

We’re part of a growing community


We all have a mission.

Join us in our exploration in what it takes to become the leader
in your field, a path only driven by purpose.

Ash Rathod

Brand Strategist & Storyteller

Founder of Digital Focus Creatives and Storytin, Ash is looking to create change in the tech world through the magic behind storytelling. Innate human connectivity we generate meaning from. Eager to contribute to people looking to win hearts.

Anks Patel

Brand Strategist & Peoplepreneur®

Owner of Binary Desyns and Founder of Peoplepreneur®, Anks is continuously thriving to create impact in others. Working towards the inevitable change of a people-centric world he pursues his desire to change the way the world thinks.

Sagonia Pannu

Brand Strategist

Founder of VeroDesign, Sagonia passionately pursues her interest in the property and construction industry, creating empathetic, strategic change in brands. Her drive to help people grow pulls her forward; ultimately to help them thrive.