Anks Patel

Strategist & Peoplepreneur®

I help ignite a new perspective in your thinking. To influence how we see tomorrows world and how we can create the change needed for the better.

More about me

Hi! I’m Anks, a certified brand strategist. I began my journey in strategy after studying software design at university. I worked several years at the Subway, the sandwich chain, as an Area Manager/Consultant. It was a rewarding time where I felt I made an impact on people, gave them a new perspective and built trust.
Working with people during this time kindled my interest in strategic thinking. Innately I longed to help people which grew my aspirations to support others in the future. A deeper story that you can read here.
Today I pursue a world of meaning. To get me there I aim to educate, inspire and create fulfilment in others. I seek to maximise my reach by helping to build the brands of tomorrow, a new era I call a people-centric world.

Continuous Transformation

Our every imperfection
makes us truly unique.

I love the idea Wabi Sabi, which stems from Japanese aesthetic; beauty in imperfections. We are all on a continuous process of transformation; it's what we all seek, growth. A trutly compelling thought that success does not exisit. We live in a infinite cycle of becoming better than we are.

Taught by world-renowned branding expert Marty Neumeier.

Founder of Peoplepreneur® – A place of grow, development and contribution.

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