Build a heartfelt brand, impact lives and grow as people

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Brand Strategy Design

We’re a hand on heart people-driven herd seeking to help grow your brand.

A brand with meaning

Clarify internally so its clear externally.

  • Build a brand people can connect with.
  • Allow people to be part of your cause.
  • No more guesswork, know your audience.
  • Be purpose-driven.
  • Create a maximum impact.
  • Be a more effective brand.
  • Grow your business and yourself.
  • Gain fulfillment knowing you made a difference.

Our Philosophy

Purpose. Transform. Contribute.

We live by this simple philosophy. It’s how we aim to take your brand and position you comfortably within the needs of your audience. Your ‘purpose’ is the raw energy that keeps the brand going. This energy acts as our guiding principle for our ‘transformation’. Knowing who you are, what’s on offer, how you add value and for whom; will positively influence your audience. Confidently ‘contribute’ through a brand that creates change and impacts lives.

Brand Coaching

Need brand guidance?

If you’re serious about creating meaning behind your brand and need some incremental guidance, I’m a call away. I want to help you build a cohesive brand that will not only serve today’s audience but strategically create the roadmap to a lasting legacy for your future audience.

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Anks Patel
Founder, Brand Strategist & Peoplepreneur®
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Our decisions shape not only our outcomes but the people around us.

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