Build a heartfelt brand, impact lives and grow as people.

Welcome. We’re a brand strategy design herd.

The brands of the tomorrow need to adopt empathy and foster people-centricity. Let’s dive deep into your reason for being, your purpose; allow your audience to feel a sense of involvement by adopting your cause and let your brand wholeheartedly contribute to their lives.

Brands we’ve contributed to

We’re a hand on heart people-driven herd seeking to grow you and your brand.

We help people-focused entrepreneurs develop the strategies that provide clarity, alignment and a roadmap to their desired future. We foster a people-centric mindset by combining unconventional thinking, imagination and empathy to give your brand the tools to contribute to improving the lives of your community.

A brand with meaning

Clarify internally so its clear externally.

  • Build a brand people can connect with.
  • Allow people to be part of your cause.
  • No more guesswork, know your audience.
  • Be purpose-driven.
  • Create a maximum impact.
  • Be a more effective brand.
  • Grow your business and yourself.
  • Gain fulfillment knowing you made a difference.

Our Philosophy

Purpose. Transform. Contribute.

We have a simple philosophy to take your brand and position you comfortably within the needs of your audience. We begin with you’re purpose — a reason for being beyond profit. To have a purpose is to have power; it gives you clarity and direction. We develop that resource and transform your business into a brand that your audience can connect with. Your brand will allow your audience to adopt your framework and live it as their own.

Brand Coaching

Need brand guidance?

If you’re serious about creating meaning behind your brand and need some incremental guidance, I’m a call away. I want help you form a cohesive brand that will not only serve today’s audience but strategically create the roadmap to a lasting legacy for your future audience.

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Anks Patel
Founder, Brand Strategist & Peoplepreneur®
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Our decisions shape not only our outcomes but the people around us.